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All of Life Heading in the Same Direction
All of Life Heading in the Same Direction

Michiana Hypnosis Counseling and Therapy


If you are struggling with weight loss, anxiety, depression, or on-going pain – hypnosis is a powerful, safe and effective tool that can help you overcome the challenges you face. Hypnosis will enable you to enter a very relaxed – but focused – state of mind. Once relaxed and focused, hypnosis can assist you to make the core belief changes and or behavior modifications you need to help you meet your goals and live your life in a positive way.


Hypnosis is more than just a way to deal with problems: it can assist you in reaching a higher state of mental concentration and focus which you may have never imagined. Hypnosis can be the missing link that might fulfill a Biblical exclamation to be, “. . .transformed by the renewing of your mind.”


Whatever your situation might be, Rev. Dr. Greg Timmons (Chaplain, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force, retired) will do what is necessary to make sure your concern and confidentiality are protected. For 40 years Dr. Timmons has dedicated his life to enhancing the positive potential that a human being can achieve in a faith based environment.


This site will offer you a wealth of information and attempt to answer many questions people often have regarding hypnosis. Some of what you will learn will be discussed under the following topics:


  • History of Hypnosis

  • What is Hypnosis

  • What does Hypnosis feel like

  • Will I lose control

  • Can the hypnotist/hypnotherapist control my mind

  • Is it safe

  • I’m afraid I can’t be hypnotized

  • Self-hypnosis

  • Hypnotherapy

  • What is Hypnoanalysis (also known as Medical Hypnosis)

  • How does Hypnoanalysis accomplish its goals

  • Why is it called Medical Hypnosis

  • Why Hypnosis works


Finally - Life at Peace
Finally - Life at Peace